Why You Should Read This Book

The Debt provides techniques to help you in every aspect of your life, especially in the stressful field of debt collection.

Author Bill Arnold has used these principles in his businesses to collect millions of dollars in past-due accounts. Just as important, thousands of readers have used these techniques to improve their work-life balance.

This book is written as a how-to guide for professional collectors, call center workers and any business faced with collecting accounts–from mom and pop storefronts to multinational corporations.

Do you need to increase your collections? Reduce bad debt write-off? Decrease employee turnover? Minimize employee stress? Retain customers? The techniques you will learn in this book will help you in those ways and more.

You don’t have to be a bill collector to need this book. Those who regularly use Bill Arnold’s “Friendly but Firm” system include physicians, department stores, banks, universities, credit unions, hospitals, churches, and credit-grantors world-wide.